Energy facts
Energy consumption
Combined Heat and Power systems use fuels, both fossil and renewable, to produce ... more
Global warming
Electricity generation was first developed in the 1800's using Faradays dynamo generator. Almost 200 years later we are still using the same ... more
All forms of energy are stored in different ways, in the energy sources that we use every day.  These sources are... more
The industrial sector uses about one-third of the total energy. The residential and commercial sectors combined use even more than this ... more
The renewable source of energy is an energy that could be regenerated in short period of ... more
Our sun is just one of billions stars in universe. Without sunís energy, there wasnít any form of life on earth ... more
Wind is a renewable energy source that does not pollute, the environment therefore some people ... more
In some areas people use sunís energy directly or indirectly for lots of things. They use it to heat their houses, or generate electricity ... more
The age of this source of energies goes back to the beginning of life on earth. Hundred million years ago, abundance ... more
An effective way to reduce electricity loads is to improve electrical equipment and systems to get the same output while using less energy ... more

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